Monday, April 11, 2016

List the things that make you excited

What makes me excited?

1.  Anticipation:  Looking forward to something that is coming up.

2. Day dreaming: hoping about something that I want to happen.

3.  Fireworks....I love to watch the night sky light up with all the pretty displays.

4. Praise Music:  Brightens my day, my mood and lifts my spirit.

5.  My Kids and Grandkids:  Happy Days!

6.  Cake....will make me do a happy dance every time!

7.  My Cats....they think I'm wonderful so I try not to disappoint them.

8. Volunteers: ....people who share my passion and vision and show up to work hard and get a project done.

9.  A completed project:  I love checking off an item on my "to do list."

10.  An adventure:  a day trip, visit to the library, a visit from a friend, a trip to Diary Queen for a small blizzard, visit to a green house, a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store,or  a movie date.

11.  Nature:  I love a great sunset, fields of flowers, mountains, the beach, sitting on a porch swing sipping sweet ice tea and watching the world go by.

12. Home:  Dorothy had it right all along....there's no place like home especially if Mr. Wonderful is there beside me.

Hope you weren't expecting something lofty and inspiring .  

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Sandy Wagoner said...

Sweet!! Just love your list as much as I love u!!

Melli said...

YOU! I would add YOU! Because you make me all excited when I'm coming down for a visit! Which I need to do. I'm busy until May 22nd though... what'cha got open after that?

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