Sunday, April 02, 2017

10 Things about Me

1.  This is the Love of my life for the last 43 years.  I can't imagine what my life would be like without this man.  He has taken me on some really wild adventures and always hold my hand.  I am forever thankful that God made me attracted to nerds.  I like that God gave me an incredible partner to share life, experiences, parenthood, and most of all ministry.  The grands call him Poppa, our kids call him Dad, I call him Mr. Wonderful and God calls him beloved.

2.  I love that our moving is finally completed and that we are about 95% settled.  Moving is never easy but the advantages have been getting to know our grandsons better, great hugs, wild stories, knowing all the cartoon characters of their favorite shows, bedtime stories and prayers, and just watching them grow and mature.

3.  I like that God gave me a prayer partner here in Elizabethton.  I was really lonely for a Christian girlfriend that I could pray with on a weekly basis.  Our daughter said, I know just the right person and she's from your "tribe and your clan."

4.  I am so thrilled that we have finally joined the Aquatic Center....the next step is actually going to a class there on a regular basis.

5.  I am so excited that we have tickets to fly to Texas in May to meet our new granddaughter Lucy.   We are looking forward to spoiling Lyra Jane, Mommy and Daddy.  I am just counting down the days.

6.  I used to think I was an extrovert but the older I get the more introverted I become.  I get energized by people but also need cave time to regroup and rest.  Is that being an introvert or is it just that I'm old?

7.  I like having flowers on my kitchen table....especially daisies.  It makes me feel happy inside.

8.  I like that I am learning to listen more, talk less and pray for everyone I meet.

9.  I like to write, and have taken up blogging again (even if I'm the only one that reads it!)  Everyone has a story and I want our grands to know we were real people, that loved them without limits, and prayed for them every day of their life.

10.  I love that I have a VW Beetle named Willie Nelson.  I never thought I would own one and it only took 43 years but perseverance pays off.
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Saturday, April 01, 2017

Fifth Day of Our Savannah Adventure

Today is Wednesday and we deliberately tried not to overbook ourselves.  We made a trip to the bookstore at Armstrong State University to get our daughter Becky a tee shirt from her alma mater before they merge with Georgia Southern and change the name.

We also went to World Market.  I love this store as it is a feast for the eyes.  I was also interested in getting something interesting for the grands from Savannah that I thought they might like.  We found toys, games, jewelry, and exotic foods.

We went to visit my mentor and one of my all time favorite people Anna Betz.  I have always told Anna when I grow up I want to be her.  We had a great visit and prayer with her.  Saying goodbye is always hard but I know she prays for me daily.  She baked us some cookies for our trip back home.

We went to the Wednesday night dinner at the Henderson Campus where I met up with Linda Vaccaro.  We talked for hours on what God is doing in her life.  I had "holy ghost bumps " from listening to her experiences.  She is now a chaplain with the Billy Graham emergency ground crews.  They go in after a disaster to minister to the people in that area.  She will be amazing in this capacity.

Mr. Wonderful had several opportunities to minister to several young men at the church.  He was quite excited at the opportunity and gratified that he could speak truth into their life and pray with them.  We came home happy but exhausted.

We plan on leaving tomorrow morning to head back to Tennessee.  The trip has been exhausting but also greatly rewarding.  God is good all the time.  All the time God is good.

Goodnight from Savannah!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Fourth Day of our Savannah Adventure

    Tuesday was an incredible day for us.  Mr.Wonderful drove over to see Ed Cadle ( one of his mentors and great encourager in his 90's).   He had a great time talking with him and catching up with our ministry endeavors.   
      Sandy and I went to Richmond Hill to meet up with her friends and former neighbors at a lovely place called " All Things Chocolate". Audrey Allen also joined us so it was a fun outing with new friends .  The restaurant also features gluten free options that were amazing .  I had a gluten free crepe filled with delicious chicken salad.  Yummy!

     Mr. Wonderful and I met up with Joe and Melinda Elkins at a coffee shop in Savannah Mall.  We enjoyed catching up on their kids, retirement, and church activities.  We had prayer together before we left and Melinda told us about some elderly friends of ours that we were concerned about but hadn't seen.  I love how God either brought the people we were longing to see or at least answered our questions.

      We had a feast at Audrey and Colin's house in Richmond Hill.  The Archers ( Steve and Dana) were also there.  Colin grilled steaks on the grill and Audrey had potatoes, corn on the cob, salads, and fresh asparagus.  It was Dana' s birthday and Audrey had 4 cakes.  We talked and talked and laughed and had the best time every .  It made us very grateful to have such wonderful friends. 
We didn't get back to Savannah till after midnight.  Long days, short nights.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Third day of our Savannah Adventure

Today is Monday and we met Mary Sue Regan at Hironos for lunch.  We love their Japanese chicken bowl with fried rice, stir fried veggies and the best shrimp sauce known to man.  The meal and company were as good as I remembered.  Mr. Wonderful had his mouth all set for squid salad and was not disappointed. He also went wild and had a shrimp bowl.

    Mary Sue taught music to our kids at Windsor Forest High School and has forever ruined any hope of ever enjoying a high school choir again.  Her choirs were so amazing .  It was good to catch up on kids, life,  ministry, and most of all compare adorable grandchildren. (personally, I think my grands won, hands down but I could be somewhat biased.)

      After lunch we started working on our Savannah  list of goodies.  We went to The Byrd Cookie Company for key lime coolers and were delightfully surprised to find that they now have gluten free key lime coolers.  We also picked up 2 bottles of Carrie Hillard's barbeque sauce for Becky in Canada.

   Since we were already on the east side of Savannah our car just naturally headed over to Connie and Denny Shippy's house.    We had a great visit with them and bought a copy of the book Connie illustrated for The Living Vine ( is called "The Hidden Treasure".
a crisis pregnancy center).  The book

     We left the Shippys house to go visits Connie and Ted Wohlgemuth.  Ted has been going  through chemo therapy and recently suffered through multiple burns on his legs from dropping scalding hot soup in his lap.  He had gone through skin graft surgery only to have the grafts rejected.  Despite all this , Ted remains cheerful, and quietly confident that God is in control and everything will be alright.  We were able to make him laugh at some of our best Ted memories.  This may well be the last time we see him alive so it made our visit even sweeter.  We had prayer together and as we were leaving Ted slipped a hundred dollar bill into Mr. Wonderful's hand and said, " We love you and want to invest in your ministry."

     We had dinner with Lynn and Dave Stewart at Ruby Tuesdays.  It turned out to be a 3 hour meeting.  We went away encouraged, enlightened,  challenged and amazingly grateful for their confidence, trust, in us personally and whatever ministry God was leading us to.

       It was a very full day but one we never want to forget.

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