Monday, June 25, 2018

Not Again!

Once again, I'm starting a new diet.   What a surprise!  I have been flirting with fasting and have successfully fasted for 7 days.  However, when I started eating again the weight came right back.  This diet is similar but instead of fasting and eating one meal you have an 8-hour window to eat your meals.  It supposedly reboots the internal clock that regulates hormone production, fat burning, and detoxification makes slimming effortless plus delivers an array of benefits like sunnier moods and supercharged energy.

Vincent Pedre, M.D., author of Happy Gut, says adjusting your diet so you eat all your meals during an 8-hour window at least 3 days a week will bring you all these benefits.  Suggestion:  You might close up the kitchen at 7pm and resume eating at 11 am the next morning.

"If you want to keep your body clock synced, one of the best things you can do is maintain regular meal times", advises David Earnest PH.D.,  circadian-clock expert.  Keeping mealtimes consistent from day to day increases the population of the beneficial bacteria that keep our body clock synced.

Go for these Proteins.  Eggs, beans, tofu, and fish because they are less likely to disrupt your good bacteria. 

Swap out sugar.  Eat low sugar fruit like berries or melon is fine in moderation.

Fill up on fiber.  Eat three servings daily of foods that are rich in slimming fibers, like brown rice, lentils, asparagus, onions, or mushrooms.  Eat plenty of prebiotic-rich plant-based foods. They allow the beneficial bacteria to flourish in the gut.

Up your water intake.  Women need 8 glasses of water per day for optimal hydration.  Women who drank 16 oz of water 30 minutes before each meal lost 550 percent more weight over 3 months than those who didn't drink water before meals.
Time-restricted eating can dramatically increase brain function.

So wish me luck, I'm on my weigh.  


Tuesday, June 05, 2018

My new necklace

I ordered a Dragonfly necklace off of Amazon a few days ago.  It just arrived and I'm really liking it a lot.   

Dragonflies symbols stand for change.  I am looking at changing myself into a more organized, adventurous woman.  I am taking on new tasks daily and doing well with my other daily tasks.

It is still early in the game to tell how well I will incorporate these changes into my daily life.  But I am encouraged.

Woohoo!   Watch me grow and watch me change.  I'm" on my weigh" to a slimmer, more radiant, adventurous Diva.

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Monday, June 04, 2018

Water Aerobics Class

I went to the Aquatic Center this morning for my first water aerobics class.  I have been telling myself that I am going to do this class for over a year now.  I reluctantly went dreading the ordeal as I didn't know anyone and everything was unfamiliar.

I met several ladies before class and one was new to the class also.  There must have been 30 women in the very cold pool.

I did ok (meaning I didn't drown) but it will take a while to be able to do some of the exercises.  Lord give me strength!

Classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I met one woman today who told me she has been doing water aerobics for 17 years.

Check one thing off my " to do list" for today.  
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Saturday, June 02, 2018


My June goals are up and so far I am doing rather well to keep up with them.  

I am not lazy, nor am I driven by guilt to accomplish things at the expense of my health, my frustration level, or my good humor.

Mr. Wonderful is driven by everything that he should, could, or might need to do.  I think he is overwhelmed by all the choices and opportunities and doesn't want to waste any time on just relaxing.

Me....not so much!  I worked 25 years on the night shift at the hospital.  I worked 12-hour shifts and still was a full-time mom.  So now my body doesn't sleep much, I'm overweight, lazy and not highly motivated. ( Other than that...Life is good.)

I do better with monthly goals and am trying really hard to write every day, take more pictures, and be more encouraging.  I am trying to catch up on my grandchild blogs also.  Charlie's response to my organization, and writing..."You aren't dying are you?"  

No, but I still have lots of stories I need to tell.  Stories that are cute about my kids growing up that I'm sure they have forgotten.  Stories that I want to pass on to their children while they are still in my memory.

My mom is 91 and little by little her memory is slipping.  I enjoy telling her stories that she once told me as a child.  She smiles sweetly and says, "Did I really do that?"  My children and grandchildren do not really know her.  So it is up to me to write down our family history.

I need to do generational curses and praises chart for our family.  My kids need to know what curses and disease our family is prone to as well as all the good things.  So Lord keep me motivated. 
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