Saturday, October 29, 2016

Goodbye News from the Nest...Hello Mountain Views

New ministry, new house, new church, new perspective, now new name of our newsletter also!  We were trying to think of a clever name for our newsletter.  The style , location, and unfortunately most of our furniture just don’t fit the personality of our Tennessee Mountain home.  We love our new house and most especially enjoy the view  of Roan Mountain from our windows.  Mountain Views reflects our personal views of ministry, both Globally and personally as well as the lessons we are learning on a daily basis from the Lord.

     We are pretty much settled now.  We still have boxes we have stuffed in the closets or garage to go through later.  We had our very first out of town visitors last week so it helped motivate us to go through the remaining boxes in the guest room.  Charlie’s  sister Anne and husband Ken came to see us  from California .  They were our very first out of town guests when we moved to Virginia, so it was very fitting  that they be our first guests here.  We had such a great visit that it was hard to see them leave.  What a blessing they have been to us all our married life.

    We helped with Trunk or Treat at Grandview Christian Church.  Our daughter Suzy loves to dress her family in theme costumes.  This year her theme was board games.  She dressed like a Scrabble game, and our grands were Twister, Battleship, and Mr.  Monopoly.  In keeping with the family theme we chose to go as Clue characters.  We were Mrs. White and Colonel Mustard...what do think?  Did we nail the part?

   We are busy getting ready for ICOM in Louisville, Kentucky this month.  I am busy writing brochures for Global as Michael will be hosting a workshop on discipleship.  Charlie is busy working on a new website and other special projects.  Please stop by and see us if you are going to ICOM.  Our director Michael Householder has been    having wonderful responses in Myanmar and will be coming home soon.

    Thank you for your prayers and support.  God has given us many assurances that we are exactly where we need to be.  Please pray for our preparations for ICOM, travel and extra expenses involved in ministry.  
Charlie and Kathy


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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Packing the house

We knew it was coming and we have been slowly going through the attic and getting rid of items we don't need, want or will fit in the new house.  I really think the picture on the left would be the easier way to move.  Just pick up the entire house and put it where you want.  We have just about a month to get everything packed and moved to Elizabethton, Tennessee.  

We forgot how hot our attic can become in the summer heat so we look forward to rainy days or working upstairs in the early morning or later in the evening.

If I were smart I would just pack up everything in the attic and get rid of all of it...after all it has just been sitting up there for the last 13 years so obviously I really don't need it ,or use it.  But oh no...what if there is some hidden treasure up there that I will never forgive myself for losing!  The last time we moved I took way to many items that I just couldn't part with.  I am so over that now!!

We have already packed up several item that take up room but I don't use all that often (like my china, decorative household items and extra linen).  I am loving having more space and less clutter. 

Pray that we can keep up the momentum and the desire to downsize.  I don't really want to be held captive by our possessions.  We moved here 13 years ago in a 26 foot truck...I would love to leave in a smaller one.  I am not a hoarder but I am a junkie.

I am trying hard to be ruthless about holding on to items that have sentimental value by taking a picture of them and letting them go.  

I am trying to make a game of far I'm having a hard time just keeping my self motivated much less finding friends to volunteer to pack.  Oh well, this is just part of a new adventure.
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Monday, August 08, 2016

Selling the Nest

And so it begins….Selling the Nest!
Lately our driveway has been looking more like a yard sale than a  driveway.   Charlie loves yard sales and it seems our car is usually headed for one every Saturday morning.  (That was before we started going through our attic...basement...garage...and barn.)  Now he has strict orders to stay away and not bring home any more items till we can go through all the neglected treasures stored away that we no longer use, need, or want to move!  Charlie says, "We are having our own yard sale, only we are selling the entire house along with the yard!"  Gotta love the Man!

We don’t have yard sales as I prefer to donate items to Love, INC.  ( an organization that helps struggling people find Jesus and get their lives back on track.)  The name stands for Love In the Name of Christ.  Rather than spend my Saturday dragging everything out of the house and displaying them attractively, pricing each piece, then haggling over prices just to find out we made enough to eat at McDonalds,  it is a pleasure to donate them and know someone else will be blessed.

The Nest is officially up for sale and on line.  We had our first showings this week which we now refer to as “our practice run”.  We are now excellent stagers and are living in state of perpetual “company clean” at all times.  We even  know how much time it takes to corral the cats and wipe out all  evidence of even having them! I have a roll of  refrigerator cookies ready to bake right  before leaving the house and even have appropriate background music to play.

This week we have more outside work to complete as well as packing the attic, and making the garage presentable.  Please continue to pray for a quick sale.  This naturally lazy girl is not used to having to put everything away and keep the nest immaculate. 

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Friday, August 05, 2016

staging for resale

This is the weather van on top of the Nest.  Several years ago Mr. Wonderful surprised me by buying it for me and actually installing it on the roof.  It is one of the things I will be leaving behind with sadness as we prepare to list and sell our "Nest" .   I know I can take it with me but it is not a" fit" for the house we have purchased in Elizabethton, Tennessee.
Yesterday we actually listed the house for sale and now I am anxiously awaiting the pictures of it on the internet.  I know it was not exactly like posing for Better Homes and Gardens but it was a big deal for this girl.  Where is my Joanna Gains when I need her?  Well, actually my Joanna Gains, (our daughter Suzy) was in Tennessee but her presence was felt throughout the house as she and hubby Tim have styled, laid tile, made shelves, installed " built-ins" and updated our 75 year old home for the last 13 years.

I'll miss my cozy desk overlooking my garden, bird feeder, and back yard.  Tim has already graciously offered to build me another in our new home.  He has even decided where it such go in our Tennessee hideaway.  Our cats love to snuggle up beside me while I work on the computer and will miss what Charlie calls "Cat TV" spying on the birds out the window.

As much as I will miss my Country nest I am excited to start this new adventure much closer to our family.  I look forward to volunteering at the boys school, seeing them play sports and being their cheerleader.  

Please pray our home sells quickly.

Check out the listing.  I think it looks pretty good for a 75 year old lady!

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