Sunday, March 26, 2017

2nd day of our Savannah Adventure

Today is Sunday and we went to church  at Compassion Christian Church at the Henderson campus.  There are 7 congregations so we knew we couldn't go to all the campuses .  I was pleasantly surprised at how many friends we were actually able to see today.  We had prayed that God would send the people we wanted to see to us and that is exactly what happened.   We got our hugs in with Sean Ihrig who did a wonderful job leading the praise team. We love his parents and have known him since he was in high school so we feel we can claim him as our own.

     Dave Allgire preached a great sermon on encouragement and how it is something  we all need our life to help get us motivation and keep us trying to improve.   As I looked around at so many smiling faces of friends that have loved us, supported us financially and been our cheerleaders I was overwhelmed with God's goodness.                                      

 One amazing gift was being able to have lunch with Dana Archer, Colin and Audrey Allen and my best friend and original prayer partner Sue Martin and her husband Jim.  Sue lives near Atlanta and had no idea we would be in town this weekend.  It was such a God see her, laugh, talk, remember good times and catch up on everybody's kids.  These were just a few of the people that we "did life together with"...our kids were friends and they were either at our house or our kids were at theirs.  These are the people we laughed with, cried with, and definitely prayed with .  We survived the teen years, driving accidents, college meltdowns and weddings.  The best thing is even though we rarely get together we can pick up our friendship instantly as if we had never been apart.   The food was great, the people...the best!
  This evening we went to a home group of our friends Sandy and Mike.  Everyone was very kind and gracious and made us feel very welcomed.  We enjoyed meeting everyone and the food was wonderful.  We promised to visit next time we are in town.

It was a very productive day but we are very tired tonight.  The next few days will be very busy but also exciting.    We definitely feel like God is helping us make the connections of those people we really need to see.


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