Saturday, March 25, 2017

First Day of our Savannah Adventure

Today is Saturday, our first full day in Savannah.   Mike and Sandy Wagoner (our friends and and hosts this week ) took us on
a private tour of the new auditorium at Compassion Christian  Church (Henderson campus).  The auditorium will hold 2000 people and we had a guided tour of the control video room, green room and all the backstage areas.  Wow, it was remarkable and very impressive.  We felt very special to have a backstage tour or this new building.  God is so good.

We also got to see the new satellite church in Midway, Georgia  The building and 100 thousand dollars was given to them if they would take over the church and have services there.  Apparently 100 people volunteered to go to the Midway church for 6 months to help them get established in the community.  They are  averaging about 300 in their services now.

We have been friends with Mike and Sandy for about 15 years.  Most of that time we have lived in different states.  We met them right before we moved to Virginia.  We always stayed with them whenever we made our yearly pilgrimage back to Savannah.  During that time they also moved quite a bit so we were gypsy friends trying to cram our week with activities and memories.  They love us despite our crazy schedule and give us the key to their house and ask what are our plans for the day.

  Mr. Wonderful and I went to the warehouse book sale...always a favorite venue and bought about 10 books and a large print Bible for grandmothers.  We celebrated with happy hour at Sonic ( with a lemon berry ice cream slushy).

Tonight we just rested up for the big meet and greet tomorrow on the main campus.  I heard from my best friend who lives outside of Atlanta that they are also in Savannah this weekend.  We plan on meeting up for lunch tomorrow.

Suzy, Oscar, Charlie, and Henry all earned an orange belt in karate today.  I asked her if she needs some orange shoes with that new orange belt.  So proud of my little ninjas and their mommy.
Goodnight Savannah....see you in the morning.


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