Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Third day of our Savannah Adventure

Today is Monday and we met Mary Sue Regan at Hironos for lunch.  We love their Japanese chicken bowl with fried rice, stir fried veggies and the best shrimp sauce known to man.  The meal and company were as good as I remembered.  Mr. Wonderful had his mouth all set for squid salad and was not disappointed. He also went wild and had a shrimp bowl.

    Mary Sue taught music to our kids at Windsor Forest High School and has forever ruined any hope of ever enjoying a high school choir again.  Her choirs were so amazing .  It was good to catch up on kids, life,  ministry, and most of all compare adorable grandchildren. (personally, I think my grands won, hands down but I could be somewhat biased.)

      After lunch we started working on our Savannah  list of goodies.  We went to The Byrd Cookie Company for key lime coolers and were delightfully surprised to find that they now have gluten free key lime coolers.  We also picked up 2 bottles of Carrie Hillard's barbeque sauce for Becky in Canada.

   Since we were already on the east side of Savannah our car just naturally headed over to Connie and Denny Shippy's house.    We had a great visit with them and bought a copy of the book Connie illustrated for The Living Vine ( is called "The Hidden Treasure".
a crisis pregnancy center).  The book

     We left the Shippys house to go visits Connie and Ted Wohlgemuth.  Ted has been going  through chemo therapy and recently suffered through multiple burns on his legs from dropping scalding hot soup in his lap.  He had gone through skin graft surgery only to have the grafts rejected.  Despite all this , Ted remains cheerful, and quietly confident that God is in control and everything will be alright.  We were able to make him laugh at some of our best Ted memories.  This may well be the last time we see him alive so it made our visit even sweeter.  We had prayer together and as we were leaving Ted slipped a hundred dollar bill into Mr. Wonderful's hand and said, " We love you and want to invest in your ministry."

     We had dinner with Lynn and Dave Stewart at Ruby Tuesdays.  It turned out to be a 3 hour meeting.  We went away encouraged, enlightened,  challenged and amazingly grateful for their confidence, trust, in us personally and whatever ministry God was leading us to.

       It was a very full day but one we never want to forget.


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