Monday, August 08, 2016

Selling the Nest

And so it begins….Selling the Nest!
Lately our driveway has been looking more like a yard sale than a  driveway.   Charlie loves yard sales and it seems our car is usually headed for one every Saturday morning.  (That was before we started going through our attic...basement...garage...and barn.)  Now he has strict orders to stay away and not bring home any more items till we can go through all the neglected treasures stored away that we no longer use, need, or want to move!  Charlie says, "We are having our own yard sale, only we are selling the entire house along with the yard!"  Gotta love the Man!

We don’t have yard sales as I prefer to donate items to Love, INC.  ( an organization that helps struggling people find Jesus and get their lives back on track.)  The name stands for Love In the Name of Christ.  Rather than spend my Saturday dragging everything out of the house and displaying them attractively, pricing each piece, then haggling over prices just to find out we made enough to eat at McDonalds,  it is a pleasure to donate them and know someone else will be blessed.

The Nest is officially up for sale and on line.  We had our first showings this week which we now refer to as “our practice run”.  We are now excellent stagers and are living in state of perpetual “company clean” at all times.  We even  know how much time it takes to corral the cats and wipe out all  evidence of even having them! I have a roll of  refrigerator cookies ready to bake right  before leaving the house and even have appropriate background music to play.

This week we have more outside work to complete as well as packing the attic, and making the garage presentable.  Please continue to pray for a quick sale.  This naturally lazy girl is not used to having to put everything away and keep the nest immaculate. 

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Sandy Wagoner said...

Great picture of the nest. I know u must have tons of things to go through. I remember when Mike and I did it two years ago and now look where we are. Crazy world. U just never know what is next in this life. Here I am sitting in our home again on Sugar Mill. I pray your nest sells. The right people will come along. Anxious to hear about the "new" nest!!

Ladybug Crossing said...

Aww... What will you do next?
Company clean is so hard to maintain. I hope your nest sells quickly and that another sweet family will make your nest theirs.

Donna Dunleavy said...

Hey there !!! Miss you guys !!! Hopefully you are moving closer to this area ????? Would love to see you !!!
Good luck with packing / moving ... Hope things go smoothly !!! Love you !!! Donna

Beckie Fitzgerald said...

What is going on? Is Keith still there? Where are you going? I must say it was a pleasure getting to know y'all over the years. I'll always remember our working times and play times. Now you'll be able to bless other's lives. Best wishes in your new endeavor...whatever and where ever.

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