Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Santa's Elf reporting for duty....

I'm about to go into Christmas seclusion. I've been knocking out newsletters lately for us, my mom and the Mission and now I need to concentrate on working on my Advent calendars for my friends and family.

It's a labor of love and I think I'm just about ready to go into warp drive and jump into them ( especially the ones I need to mail off .) I'm getting to make one for Emma this year (her first) so I'm especially excited about that one. I wrap up raisins, Hello Kitty socks, and treasures that every 3 year old girl will find irresistible.

Emma just had her first Christmas recital. She loves to sing and dance and goes to music class. They play instruments and sing. She loves to play the guitar with her daddy and I'm told she can strum with the best of them. (Not that I would be at all biased!) Her momma took some video that I'm interested in seeing of the recital.

In the interest of full disclosure I should add this new picture of Oz. Apparently he can shake a mean maraca. Can you believe how big he is getting? We are excited about spending some time with him in the next few weeks.

I'll be posting pictures of some of my Advent calendars as soon as I actually sit down and make them. I love this time of year!


PEA said...

Both kids are getting big, wow!! They both seem very musically inclined as well, so how great is that?!! Looking foreward to seeing the advent calendars you've been making. Love ya. xoxo

Melli said...

You are sooooooo good! That little sweet patootey is really going to enjoy Dida's homemade advent calendar! And next year Oz will be ready for one too! Luz has TWO advent calendars this year. One with candy behind each door... and one with just a picture! She's totally IN to it!

Happy Wrapping! Love you!

Amber Star said...

I'm thinking Oz may have come to you all via South America he has such a good grip on the maracas. :)
They are both adorable and talented. Have fun with the Advent Calendar.

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