Sunday, March 08, 2009

Weekly Wrap up.....

Seems like my week flies by....filled with projects that demand all my creative juices so I've had little time or motivation to blog. It has been really great to "wrap up" several projects this week.

I love this cartoon because it is exactly how I feel most of the time. I pitch the idea and then have "to defend" it. Doing any project by committee is very frustrating.

We have been having 6 day work weeks for the last month or more which has been really exciting but also exhausting. Yesterday we had a youth group that help us move 984 boxes of clothing ( over 28 thousand pounds) for people in Kazakhstan. It was wonderful to see the clothing going out and know that it will be used. However, Mr. Wonderful is moving pretty slowly this morning.

I love this picture of Oz sitting in his chair reading. My boy is growing up way too fast. He definitely seems "wrapped up" in his book.We have a trip planned for Easter but it can't come too quickly for me. His momma and I are collaborating on a website for the mission so I can always say I need to do some extensive research on the project.

Just got this picture of the divine Miss Em on her sled. She loves the snow and had an outing to the park with her parents. She definitely looks really "Wrapped Up" warmly for the snow. I remember our son slipping off the back of the sled landing on his back. He was so wrapped up that he couldn't turn over. I love that this sled has a backrest as well as a sides to keep little ones from tumbling out.

How do you like my new coffee mug? If the picture looks skewed it's because the cup is not symmetrical. It says, "It's hard to keep everything in balance!" I love to "wrap my hands" around it to keep them warm when I'm drinking a hot cup of tea . Notice my warmer. It has been especially helpful keeping my tea warm when I'm in the middle of a project and forget to drink it.

The latest thing that I'm all wrapped up in is my Mr. Wonderful doll. You press his hand and he says things that every woman wants to hear. For example: " I don't really know where I'm going. I think I will pull over here and ask for directions." Another favorite: "Why don't we talk about our feelings."
He says about 12 things. My Mr. Wonderful says the doll really makes him look bad. I keep him on my desk at work whenever I need to hear words of encouragement. Hey, a girl's got to keep her spirits up and it's either him or chocolate and chocolate is fattening (at least in the quantities that I eat!)

Well, this was probably more information than you wanted to know about me. I'm alive and well, just "wrapped up" in special projects. Love ya and miss you. That's a Wrap!


Jane said...

You have been very busy! You must be exhausted. Take care of yourself.
I love the picture of Oz reading. What an adorable picture and Miss Em on her sled is just precious. She is having a ball.
I miss you too. We have GOT to do something about that!!!

Amber Star said...

That is a lot of clothes to move! I'll bet it helps a lot and will keep them warm as toast.

Oz is adorable reading his book and Miss Em looks like she is having a blast on her sled.

I'm thinking this isn't going to post because the visual verification is showing up! Good, but still not psychic. 2nd try will probably shows now.

Melli said...

ROFL! I think I need one of those dolls! hahahaha!

Miss Em looks like she is flat out LOVIN' the snow!!! Too adorable! And little Oz Man is certainly wrapped up in that book! You'd think he was the child of a librarian or somethin'! Two cute too cute babies!

That was a LOT of boxes - no wonder Charlie was movin' a wee bit slow. WOW!

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