Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Boy Wonder!

Letter to my son on his birthday!

Dearest Andy,

Happy Birthday Son. My only baby boy! I will always remember your birthday because of the roller coaster of emotions your dad and I went through at your birth. Dad was convinced that you were a girl and had talked him self into believing that he could not produce a male heir. The doctor who delivered you congratulated him on his son and dad's first response was...."look again are you sure?" The doctor laughed and assured him he knew the difference! Dad became all grins and promptly told you all the plans he had for your future. Maybe it was because I was tired but it seemed to me Dad walked a little taller and with a lot more spring in his step as he proudly showed you off to the nurses in the delivery room.

24 hours later you would be whisked away from us to the only NIC Unit in North Dakota and we were told that they suspected that you had newborn emphysema ( which is fatal.) The hardest day of my life was leaving the hospital without you and following the ambulance that took you to Bismarck. Dad and I cried a lot and our prayer life took on new meaning as we literally interceded for your brand new life.

Again, 24 hours later, your lung had expanded back to normal and you were released the following day. Our joy was beyond measure to be taking our boy home to meet your sisters.

Big Sister Suzy, at 2 years of age , thought you were wonderful. The only problem we had with her was that she hugged too hard and would throw toys into your bassinet on top of you cause she thought you needed something to play with fortunately they were soft toys and not Tonka trucks.

Who knew she would grow up to be one of your biggest fans and still be looking out for her little bro. I am thrilled and relieved to know that Tim and Suzy are close by and that "Uncle Andy" will be there to take our new boy wonder to all the Mets games.

Becky always thought she was the "experimental child" but my dear boy it was always you. Your mom never had a brother and you were a foreign country to me. You never acted like I thought you would act and just when I thought I had you figured out you would change again.

Trying to discipline you was also hard because you would always look up at me with your big puppy dog brown eyes and grin at me and make me laugh. You were a charmer at birth and you've never lost the quality of making a person feel like they are the only person in the room.

I was thrilled beyond words to have a boy of my own. Your sisters have always been a Daddy's girl and I desperately wanted somebody who would think I was the best thing since slice bread. You've always been very protective of me and very sensitive.

You still can make me laugh when no one else can.

I am amazed and very proud of the responsible man you have become. I am thrilled that you have decided to go back to college and get your degree.

Dad still delights in calling you "the pup" but is proud of you too. Happy Birthday baby boy, you had me totally smitten at first sight and I doubt if that will ever change.

Love you,



LadyBugCrossing said...

Awww... so beautifully said!

Melli said...

Darling! Just darling! Both "Moms" ... and the Boy! I never heard the story of the drama at his birth before... how terrifying! But God is GOOD!

Happy Birthday Andy!

PEA said...

Happy Birthday to your baby boy:-) I know he'll probably cringe to be called "baby boy" but hey, to us moms, they'll always be our babies!! hehe Such a wonderful birthday letter written to him...one can tell it comes from the heart. Also enjoyed seeing pictures of him through the years. xoxo

YellowRose said...

He's such a handsome young man! Happy belated birthday to him! Beautiful tribute to him my dear!

Hope you are doing well, been thnking about you! ;)

Talk..to..Grams said...

Happy belated Birthday to Andy! What a loving tribute to him.
I have been praying for you all. Love, Grams

crazy working mom said...

So sweet...Happy Birthday!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Hey there MOMS! That was an excellent post!! I so miss your posts. I think you are a great writer too!! Wish Andy a happy birthday for me!! I miss seeing him. He is such fun...Sandy

Jane said...

How precious! As a mom of boys I know what you mean about being smitten by them. What a handsome young man he is and I know you are very proud of him.
I particularly loved the picture of Andy with his daddy. Nice hair and a fine shirt on daddy!!!!

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