Monday, August 25, 2008

Little Miss Me!

When you were a kid or raising your kids did you ever read the "Little Miss " or "Mr.Men " Books.? I recently was able to find about 10 of the Little Miss books for my Emma and soon to be grandboy.

I have a Little Miss Chatterbox mouse pad at work. It makes me smile whenever I see it. Except for the blonde hair I think we kind of look a like. I lost my hot pink cell phone. I called my phone and found out, "I'm unavailable!" Who knew? I hope I can find it!

Mr. Wonderful and I spent the weekend in Maryland helping some friends flip a condo that had about 35 years of neglect. Mr. Wonderful is a right handy guy to know so was patching cracks in the walls, as well as rehanging doors, and looking at the electrical system. I'm Litlle Miss Not So Handy so I got to clean and paint.

My system for getting a room painted at my house is to start the project and do it badly so Mr. Wonderful jumps in to "save me". I think he's caught on, because last time I started a project and did it badly he just critiqued the project and told me how to do it better.

For those of you that have been praying for us lately the situation has resolved itself. It took official action from the board of directors but I am now considered a "full time" worker at the mission. (It only took 5 years!) I will be able to get a W2 and recieve the rest of our support for the year.

So, color me Little Miss Busy....till our baby boys arrives (somewhere around Sept.22). We would appreciate prayers for Miss Suzy and a safe delivery for both of them. Mr. Wonderful had an abcessed tooth so had a root canal today. I'm sure he would appreciate your prayers too.


Melli said...

THANK YOU Jesus! And AMEN! And you bet Suzy & Little are both in my prayers! Mr. Wonderful always is too - but I didn't know about the tooth... God did though!

My kids & I all loved the Little Miss & Mr. books! Amanda was especiall hooked on them - and still is! We have bought MANY of them for Luz... who is not quite as smitten with them - but she is not AS smitten with reading as my kids were. It does seem to be growing on her though... I'm really buying IN to the idea that you have to start reading to them YOUNG!!! Like... waaaaaay before we GOT her! But now we do the best we can! They do spend quite a bit of time at the library - and Luz DOES enjoy going to the library - so I do think things are looking up!

Both of MY boys were Mr. Mischief, Mathew was Mr. Bump & Mr. Happy as well. Derek was Mr. Worry and Mr. Quiet. Krysti was Little Miss Busy and Little Miss Curious and Little Miss Chatterbox! Amanda was (and IS) Little Miss Fun, Little Miss Bossy, and Little Miss Giggles! Krysti has turned into Little Miss Brainy!!!

Melli said...

Oh... and I am Little Miss Scatterbrain!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Our prayers were answered...thank the lord... and it is great that your are now a full time worker, not that you didn't work your buns off all of the time .. You are too sweet for them to not have recognized your great work.. before now... My blesses to you ..

I have not seen the Little Miss books, I will look for them and give to my grands for Christmas gifts..they love to read...

My best wishes to Suzy and your soon- to be grandson..
Love and hugs,

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Where was I ...I never read these books. I know you told me about them though..
I am so happy that things are okay with you guys!! Does this mean that you have to go to work every day now? Wow..Okay!! If that is what helps it all then that is good. need to get to bed. Sandy

Jane said...

I am not familiar with those books but if one was written about me it would be entitled "Little Miss Procrastination"!!!!!
I am SO thrilled that all has been settled and your status is secure. God does hear and answer prayers...even when I don't know EXACTLY what I am praying for, HE ALways knows.....HALLELUIA!!
Suzy, Mr. Suzy, the baby, you, Mr. Wonderful and the rest of the family are in my prayers!!
I miss you my friend.

mompoet said...

Good to hear that your situation is better, little miss chatterbox! We have those books in Canada, where I have read them to the kids when they were younger.

I will add my prayers for Mr. Wonderful's toothful recovery, and for a happy and healthy homestretch for Suzy and baby.

Take care, and keep chattering. We all love to know how you and yours are doing.

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