Monday, June 02, 2008

Emma learns about Art

Yesterday was another learning day for Miss Emma and her very knowledgeable Poppa. They set out to create a masterpiece for Diva's refrigerator (which has never featured a young budding grand child artist before!) Poppa decided that she was into Contemporary or post modern art with a definite flair for the abstract . She worked very hard and was most diligent with her choice of colors. (This Diva can hardly wait to take her to the Crayola Factory when she gets a little bigger.)

Mom and Dad took a field trip into Harrisonburg and Waynesboro using Poppa's GPS. They really enjoyed being able to get around so quickly by punching in Sonic, Walmart and Target. The GPS certainly has made our life easier.

Diva has plenty of pictures to choose from. Now all I need is a
magnetic frame to show it off. More fun today. We ate all our berries before we could make our pies so looks like it's back to berry batch for us today.


Melli said...

Heck with the refridgerator! Mat 'em and frame 'em! You've got original artwork there Diva!!! LOL about the strawberries! That's the way they were MEANT to be eaten!!!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I certainly have to agree with melli about the berries..yummy!! I love these pictures and so hope that you keep posting everyday so that we all can see more. What wonderful art. You know how much i love that!!
i was featured on a new person's blog and a man at that..CAN YOU BELIEVE!! My dad is better, but still having some minor problems with memory. I so hate this. Thanks for your prayers. Miss you.
Sandy said...

This was sweet! I love strawberries,too!

If you get time come over and see our pictures of my new great- grand son Marcello!! He weigh in at 8 pounds and 5 oz!! Curly black hair. Love and hugs, Grams

PEA said...

Oh Daisy, you are making me soooo wanting my grandbaby to be born NOW instead of at the end of October! lol Emma is just so precious, I loved looking at all the pictures and seeing all the expressions on her face. Adorable! I'm still giggling at the ones of her eating a strawberry! hehe Too cute! xoxo

Susan said...

Hey, you need to take a finished pic of Emma's artwork and post it. When she's a famous artist someday we can all say, "We knew her when..."!



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