Monday, June 02, 2008

The little "berry patch"

Just got back from a trip down the street to pick some berries from friend Beckie's garden. They are on a long over due vacation to the Outer Banks where Beckie can take some ocean pictures. She told us to come by and pick berries from her patch while they were gone so that's what we did. Emma liked her berry pail as it was just the right size for her. Being low to the ground was an advantage also. She soon found out that eating is lots more fun than picking! Of course Diva got camera happy and snapped about 40 pictures all of which are keepers. Feel free to check out our berry special day here.

Emma and I wore hats being the proper southern women that we are. She took to berry picking like a duck takes to water.

I definitely think we will plan on making a Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie tonight. We'll post a picture tomorrow.


Susan said...

Daisy, both you AND Emma are just adorable! I can tell you all are having fun.



Melli said...

*gasp!* I LOOOOOOOOOVE your HAT! And your red sweater! Oh, you look SO cute!!!! Of course, Emma is adorable too! (as always!) I think that baby gets more and more like her Diva every day!

Cheerio said...

Hello friend! It's been quite some time I've come to visit you. Your photos just shows. Emma has grown so fast. She is still the same cute, huggable and adorable Emma.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Just me your daily visitor seeing all the fun that ya'll are having with your family!! how sweet!! I am so loving the pictures and!! My favorite. Did you gather enough strawberries or did Emma eat everyone that she picked? smile.


Linda said...

You guys are making so many wonderful memories! Thanks so much for sharing your family with us.

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