Friday, May 30, 2008

Wading Girl

Here's the Divine Miss Em wiggling and dancing in the new wading pool in the back yard. Mom bought her this swimming hat, shirt, and skirt all on sale at Target. The water was very cold but our girl danced and waded to her heart's content.

Hopefully the sun will warm up the water tomorrow for another wading session. If not Poppa and Dad hung the baby swing from one of our cherry trees for her enjoyment.

I'm sure there will be more pictures coming and Mom even took a video of the splash party. We had strawberry pancakes for supper and I've got a recipe for strawberry pie from my mom that you know we will have to fix.

More adventures will have to wait till Saturday afternoon as Mr. Wonderful and I are working with volunteers Saturday morning.

I did notice Mr. Wonderful reading the story of the little "Red Hen" to Emma before dinner. Of course he added suggestions on how the little red hen should have diversified her efforts , obtained a small business loan, and employed her friends to help make a marketable product thus adding to the economy and multiplying profits. What a guy!


Flip Flop Floozie said...

I am FIRST!! WOW!! Where is everyone!!?? I look forward to your pictures every day and am loving seeing Emma. She is so sweet...I know you are loving these days. pray for my dad..he is losing his memory again today and mixed up...Sandy

Melli said...

See? THIS is what makes Mr. Wonderful so Wonderful! He's gonna have the smartest little grandbaby in the WORLD! Strawberry pancakes??? Mmmm! And strawberry PIE! I made one of them not too long ago... well... mine turned more into a cobbler I think... It was GOOD though! I LOVE that plaid pool!!! And I notice Baby Girl does too! I love her HAT too! Do they make those in BIG?

mompoet said...

What a wonderful time of year for a visit from Emma and her Mom and Dad! I remember my little girl asking for the splash pool on a sunny January morning (we did not oblige). They just don't seem to mind the cold water, though!

About those strawberries. Do you make strawberry salad in Virginia? It's great with organic mixed greens or other dark greens. Slice in the strawberries and use a sweet/tangy dressing like poppy seed. mmmmm! Extra nice with some candied pecans for garnish. double mmmm.


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