Friday, May 30, 2008

One Berry Sweet Girl

We went strawberry picking today. The fields were very crowded this morning and the sign said they were picked out. We were disappointed but decided to head to the Farmer's Market in Dayton instead. This was the cutest thing at the Farmer's Market.

We ate lunch at the Thomas House which features Mennonite Cooking. The food was good as always and their rose bush was bursting with color. I tried to get Emma to sit down by the rose bush but she would have none of it. Lucky for me Mom sat down and held her so I could catch this picture of my girls. Aren't they both gorgeous? Not that I'm at all biased!

We decided to stop by the strawberry field on the way home and buy some berries. This time they were open and we were ready to pick. Emma and I examined all the rocks in the parking lot before sitting under a big shade tree to eat grapes and swap stories. Mom and Dad made short work of picking. It was so much fun watching Emma discover Strawberries.

Hmmm....What are these?

I think I'll take a closer look!

Maybe I'll just poke one.

I'll just try one!

The many faces of berry addiction!

Needless to say Virginia grown Strawberries are delicious and picking them from the field is half the fun. Emma decided Dad needed some help picking so she went out to help. All in all it was a berry sweet to find some strawberry recipes. I'll post pictures of our creations tomorrow.

It amazes me how much Emma can communicate without very many words. She said the word, "Birdy" while watching the birds eat at the feeders and points to the cats and says "kitty". When this girl gets her words I'm sure she will have many stories to tell. Sure wish I had half her energy!

Mr. Wonderful and I have to work till noon tomorrow so we will have to have an afternoon adventure. Stayed tuned.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

I am at work now!! UGH!! I loved your post and this cute little girl and her family. so glad that she likes strawberries..My favorite for sure. Wish I were there to pick too. Keep up this great posting of her visit. Sandy

Melli said...

ROFL!!! She is sooooo darling! I just LOVE those faces! And the one of her stuffin' her own mouth! Too stinkin' cute, that little one is!!! Good to see Becky & Jerry lookin' so happy too!

Jane said...

You are all having WAY too much fun!
Keep doing it because we are ALL enjoying it too!
We are babysitting tonight while mom and dad have a date night. We will suffer through somehow!

Linda said...

We have a strawberry patch just down the road. I need to get my granddaughter and take her pickin. Really enjoying the pictures of you visit with Emma. Keep them coming.

I sent you an email regarding your comment. Didn't know if you have more than one email address.

YellowRose said...

Goodness is she not the cutest thing under the sun?! The strawberry tasting pictures are absolutely adorable!!! She's getting so big!! Enjoy the time you have with the family!!

Oh, come back by my blog and see what my hubby bought me!!! :)

AmberStar said...

That is the sweetest thing!! Oh my goodness what an adventure for her....and you, too. I know you are so happy to have your girls there...and Emma's daddy, too.

crazy working mom said...

Oh that looks like fun, HOT fun though.

I wish I could reap the rewards! Mmmm...I ♥ strawberries.

Carolyn said...

What a sweetheart. She is loving those berries! Looking at all your pictures, I can tell you are having a blast with Miss Emma around!

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