Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Memories.....Ragdolls

Rag dolls have had an big role in the lives of our girls. Baby Becky's first birthday cake was in the shape of Raggedy Ann. Several Christmas' later I made both girls a set of Raggedy Anns and Andy's (which they still have!)

The first time Baby Becky had the flu she was just as limp as a rag doll. She would lay on the couch so I could watch her and help her when she started to vomit. We really had a hard time getting any fluids down her and would literally give her fluids with a teaspoon as that was the only way she could keep any down.

The doctor told us not to feed her since she wasn't able to keep anything down. As parents we felt really bad watching our baby that was normally so lively and energetic just lying on the sofa like a little rag doll.

I had fixed dinner for Mr. Wonderful and myself. After we finished eating, before I could clear the plates off the table I saw Becky licking our empty plates because she was so hungry. It broke my heart.

Now our sweet Emma is having similar symptoms and it is even harder being this far away . Poor Beck is experiencing the same things all mothers go through watching their babies when they are sick. It never gets any easier does it?


Susan said...

It's so hard watching one of your own be sick! I pray Miss Emma is up and around very soon. I know it's hard being so far away.

Much Love,


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Little ones bounce back quickly though. It is hard on we grandmothers too..Believe me I know. Never does get are right..
Blessings and missing you!


Melli said...

Yea... it's hard to watch the little ones suffer. It's hard to watch the big ones suffer too. Baby Em is prayed up. (as are you)

Jane said...

Oh, that MUST have been difficult watching Becky lick the plate!! I hope Emma gets well soon. It is never easy to watch our children (or grands) be sick.

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