Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Memories....Easter Memories

My good friend Floozie posted a Monday Memory about Easter when she was growing up. Since both of us are" vintage classics" I could readily agree with her conclusions.

Easter at our house was a dress up occasion. My sister and I always got new spring dresses, white gloves, hats, socks with lace and new shoes.

No one in our household was fond of hard boiled eggs so my mom would tap a small hold in the end of the eggs and blow them out. The eggs were hollow then and we would dye them and decorate them and eventually hide them.

The Easter bunny usually hid candy marshmallow eggs for us to find and there was always a chocolate Easter bunny in our baskets.

Grandmother was usually the source for the Easter Dresses for our girls. We would hide plastic eggs that would either have candy of surprises inside for the children. They loved to hide them and find them all day long.
This picture is of Becky's first Easter dress when she was exactly 14 months old (same age as Emma).

This is me with Suzy. It was her first Easter and she looked liked a little Easter chick herself. One of my aunts had crocheted a yellow baby sweater and cap. Her little dress was made by my sister-in-law Auntie Anne from material that my brides maids wore at our wedding.

Andy was showing off his new jacket, pants and tie one very colorful Easter in Savannah. Note the azaleas in full bloom.

What a transition for me...from being a baby, to having babies and now watching my babies have babies. God is so Good!


YellowRose said...

Easter was always a dress up time for us as kids...fancy dresses, gloves, new white shoes, and little purses, and a new spring coat, and let's not forget that little hat! LOL Yep those were the days! LOL

LadyBugCrossing said...

LOL! I hated those white gloves... they smooshed my fingers!


Norma said...

Suzy's outfit is so precious. I think my daughter had something similar. I didn't do an MM today, but did post some Easter memories for yesterday. Maybe I'll just go back and change the posting date.

At church yesterday I think I saw more skirts than I'd seen in a year!

Barbara said...

Great Easter memories Daisy. Great picture of you when you were a young mother too.

Melli said...

Indeed, He IS! And those babies (and little boy) are all adorable! Can't get used to seeing YOU with brown hair though! LOL! Hope your day was a good one! Mine was a bit stressful...

Jennifer said...

Love your pictures and your memories! You have a beautiful family!! ((hugs))

Cheerio said...

Over here children come in their best Sunday dress and after mass they are all ready for the easter egg hunt. Great photos too.
By the way, if you don't mind I tagged. Come over and see what it's all about.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Nothing seems to be the same anymore does it? In a way it makes me a little sad when I think about it. I loved seeing your pictures. I wish that i had a scanner so that i could share more of my pictures on here. I take pictures of the pictures and they are not as good of course. I have so many that i would love to write about..Maybe someday I can get one of those all inclusive machines..copier, scanner the whole deal!!
Thanks again for sharing. We all remember about the same things but that does not happen much anymore. Hope you are feeling better...Sandy

Jane said...

Oh, those were the days!!! I remember my daddy tying the bow on my little jacket that went with my dress. I also had a little hat and white lacy socks and black patent leather shoes!!! I was SO cute!!!
Now I am taking pictures of Zoe in her Easter dress. Time FLIES!!!

Carolyn said...

My mom always dressed me in a new pretty dress, and if I remember right, a bonnet too. My cousin would come out for Easter dinner and we'd find eggs that afternoon. I'll have to dig out some of my old pictures and post them.

You can find me at now. My other 2 main blogs (Quiet Time and Prairie View) are still alive and active, but overwhelming ... for reader AND writer. So, the "meat and potatoes" of my days can be found at "A Second Look" now. I am also going to do some "childhood memories" and picture type entries there as well as I go along.

Have missed you as well, my friend.

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