Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday Seven...Bright Spots in my Week!

"Cardinals on a Grey Day" used by permission from friend, neighbor, and best nature photographer in New Hope....Beckie Fitzgerald.

Sunday Seven...Bright Spots in my week!

1. I love this picture because it reminds me that no matter how grey the day that there are always "bright spots" if we look for them. So often I get overwhelmed by activities that I fail to see the beauty of the ordinary. I can complain because life has become dull and dreary or I can stop and look for red birds hidden in the branches. The contrast of their color against the grey backdrop encourages me and makes me stop and take a second look. This week has been physically exhausting, spiritually draining, emotionally upsetting, and just plain hard. It would be easy to just stop there but God in His Goodness allows our eyes to see the red birds or "Bright Spots" that seem to be hidden by all the other "stuff" surrounding us. Here are just a few of the bright spots in my week.

2. We were short 200 boxes of clothing for our container to Bangledesh last week. We were able to get 71 boxes from the Pioneer Girls that volunteered last weekend, and an additional 41 boxes from a local church that boxes clothing for us. We (Joyce, Patty, and I) were able to use the week to sort and box the remaining 88 boxes to complete the shipment. Needless to say, I'm having a hard time working up enthusiasm to do my own laundry this weekend though!

3. We were able to see clear answers to our prayers about additional staff. We are seeing increased interest both in volunteers and full time staff. God is working and it is encouraging.

4. Because of the increase in staff there has been some hurt feelings and power struggles going on. It was discouraging at first, but recently it has turned into a positive thing with more communication and weekly planning meetings . God can take a negative and turn it into a positive if we will let Him.

5. We are overloaded with unsorted medical supplies (probably over two tractor trailer loads) and no time or place to sort them. Now that my desk has been moved into the medical room I see it all the time and am much more motivated to call other ministries to see if we can bless them with some of our excess. As the clutter improves so does my attitude.

6. I was able to get our end of the year donation statements out to our donor base. I personally can't mail something without a personal note attached ( just one of my idosyncracies) so I became annoyed until God showed me that over 80 families and churches had invested in our personal support last year. Then I was humbled and thankful for the priviledge of being able to personally thank everyone. Isn't it amazing what a little perspective will do for your attitude?

7. As overwhelmed as I felt most days, I was incredibly surprised to see how much work actually got accomplished. Perhaps because I helped others out, they were more than willing to help me in my areas. I also learned to be patient and wait (not everyone appreciates my time schedule) for the help I needed. It did come!

Well that does it for me. Life in the Daisy Patch can be all consuming or pretty laid back. Either way I know that God will supply the red birds I need to make me stop and smile at His provisions. Hope your week is full of surprises that will delight you. Cue the music, dim the lights and depart rejoicing.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

WOW!! what a past couple of posts!! You have been really busy! i have just been here making sure that my parents are okay...doing the best that I can.
Poor Andy!! he just has a lot happening around him doesn't he!! That is a great picture of him. Cutie that boy!!
I leave in the pm for Ga.

Linda said...

Girlie, you have been a busy bee. If I was closer I'd come and help.

Didn't know you were a Lostie!!! I love Lost. You may be right about the coffin. Jacob bewilders me! We will have to continue to share our thoughts. I've heard there are 48 more episodes to come in the next 3 years before it ends. So many unanswered questions!!

Melli said...

Yeee Ha! What a week! Sounds like things are lookin' UP at the Mission! Glad to hear it! You are all prayed up!

mompoet said...

Thanks for your honest, down-to-earth perspective. I guess if life were measured out in even, manageable portions throughout our days, we wouldn't appreciate the red birds so much. Keep up the good work, and thanks for reminding us that no matter how bumpy and uphill the road may be, God is walking with us, and sending red birds.

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