Sunday, February 03, 2008

It Could Only Happen to Boy Wonder.....

Do you remember all those urban legends about some of the most impossible situations that could ever happen? Perhaps you've gotten the emails about "someone's aunt's cousin, twice removed" that had some unusual event happen. (or was it your hairdresser's Uncle Albert?) Any way.....if strange events are going to take place,you can almost bet that it will happen to our son.

Last year at this time this happened..... when Andy got home he noticed some kind of dark stain dripping down the wall from the upstairs apartment. He didn't think much of it and went to bed, thinking he would deal with it the next day. When he woke up that morning, the liquid had run all the way down the wall and had begun to puddle on the floor behind his bike. A bubble formed on the top of the pool and his roommate wanted to pop it, but Andy suggested to leave it alone...who knows what it could be. So, they called the landlord to inform him about the issue.

The police showed up to inspect the upstairs apartment, as the tenant couldn't be reached. To make a long story short, the man upstairs had died about a week ago! His bodily fluids had leaked into Andy's apartment (yes, I said 'bodily fluids'). Nasty!

So, Boy Wonder moves into a new apartment with a completely different room mate.

This year's event: Our son gets a phone call from his female room mate. She tells him that she had a male friend over to watch TV in their apartment. The guy tells her that he is going outside to smoke, so she gives him a key to their apartment so he can get back in. She goes into her bedroom and has the door closed.

When she comes out of the bedroom she notices that Boy Wonder's new high def TV is gone, as well as his Play Station 3 and all of his games.

She calls a locksmith and has the locks changed immediately and calls the police to report the incident. Since the items stolen are not hers she is told to have our son come in and make out a report.

She feels really badly about the situation so replaces everything that was stolen.

Boy Wonder handles the situation well, considering he has worked really hard to pay for these items and he has only had the TV for about a week. He doesn't yell or scream at his roommate but he does suggest that she not leave future friends alone in their apartment and then hangs up to "call his momma".

Now I ask it New York, Boy Wonder or the time of the year that I need to worry about?


Melli said...

*Shakin' m'head...*

I'm not sure... I would be concerned about ALL THREE until further notice. Maybe we can weed it out.... Sheeeesh!

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