Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy Brithday Beeks!

Happy 30th Birthday to my "Brown-Eyed Girl!"

It hardly seems possible that you have grown from precocious child to a mother of a precocious child. I love this picture of you as it reminds me of Miss Emma.

You were the first...the experimental child. You took two very green inexperienced people and shaped us into a family. You were very demanding and insistent on our complete obedience to your every need. Yet you were also very quick to reward our feeble attempts to please you.

We treated you as the "center of the universe" because indeed, you were the center of our universe. We were enthralled by each new skill you learned and by every syllable you uttered.

You turned your sweet kindhearted, Daddy into "Rambo" at the thought of anyone hurting you. Even now after all these years he will still think of you as the "little girl who slept under his handkerchief" and gets misty at the thought.

You were always inventive.....creating wonderful stories to entertain your brother and sister, or coming up with games that you always won because you made up the rules as you went along. You were the instigator, the promoter, the all wise Oz . You might have tormented your siblings, but you would not tolerate anyone else picking on them.

Life was not always easy or kind for you but you overcame each problem with determination, skill and just plain stubbornness . You would not let anyone undermine or devalue you . You have always been able to stand up for yourself and for the rights of others.

You are our adventurer. The one to challenge all the rules. The first to leave the nest, the first to break your mother's heart and the first to understand what agony mother's go through watching their babies grow and become more and more independent.

My prayer for you is that you will always be a role model for your daughter and that you will allow her the opportunity to smooth out the rough edges of your personality just as you did for your mother.

I miss you so much! I pray for you daily, live to hear your voice and laugh with delight at new pictures of our baby. Happy Birthday Beeks....I love you!


Jennifer said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY!!!! I hope it was a wonderful one!! :)

Melli said...

Awwwwww... NOW who's a big ol' squooshy pile of goo? ME, that's who! HAPPY BELATED Birthday Becky!

Becky said...

Thanks, Jen and Melli. And thanks, momma, for such a nice post! Love you!

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