Tuesday, May 08, 2018

So proud of my girl

This picture reminds me of my daughter Suzy.  I have seen so much personal and spiritual growth in her lately.   She is the mother of 3 active boys, works full time as a school librarian and still manages to find time to greet each person who comes into the library with a friendly hello and a smile. 

She is a little bit cheerleader, a little bit magical, the keeper of secrets, and seems to know just what book you need (even when you don't). 

She loves to dress up during book week as a favorite character in a book.  She loves to see who can guess what character and from which book.

She recently has had to face some hard truths and decide what is more important to her...financial gain or ministry?  She chose ministry.

Ministry costs time, energy, creativity, and full commitment.  Ministry entitles you to be misunderstood, criticized, and have your motives questioned by those who feel intimidated by your giftedness.  In short," ministry is not for wimps."

So baby girl, know how proud I am of you and your commitment to the Lord.  Hold on and Jesus will carry you through.  

You are an amazing mom, great daughter, and the first one I want to talk to whenever life is good, (and especially when it is frustrating!)  

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