Sunday, May 27, 2018

My Little Nija

Our little Henry didn't let an arm injury stop him from trying out for a new belt yesterday.  Look at this boy rocking one arm pushups.  

He had an injury from being bounced on by a bigger child at a bounce house activity.    They had his arm x-rayed and then put a splint on it to keep it from being further injured.

He stilled showed me all his forms and helped Poppa sweep and pick up trash.  He likes to earn quarters for his piggy bank.

I like to call Him "TinyTim".  He makes me laugh.  He likes to play "Simon's Cat" on my phone.  He loves Icee Pops (mostly green ones but he will eat other colors )  He enjoys having Diva and Poppa all to himself.  He is growing up too quickly for this Diva.  He will be in Kindergarden his fall.  

Here he is on the first day of pre-school.  He was so excited about going to school and having his very own teacher and classmates.  Poppa and I went to his graduation.  He is standing next to his friend Elizabeth.  She is his special friend.  She likes to hug him, "even when he's not ready for a hug."

Slow down, Henry.  Diva's not ready for you to be grown yet.  We love you and pray for you and your brothers every day.

One of the great joys of my life is listening to you pray at night.

Your Diva


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