Tuesday, May 29, 2018

All About Me!

 Hi, it's me your momma, diva, friend, sister, mentor, or wife. ( I'll leave it you to pick the best relationship we have together!)

I have decided to blow off the dust on my old blog and start writing in it.  Not because my life is so very interesting, but I waste a lot of free time on playing games on my phone or on "binge-watching " TV. 

Currently, I am living life vicariously through the life of Madame Secretary, Elizabeth McCord.  She is the TV heroine, Secretary of State and spends most of her time trying to appease foreign countries to keep the world from blowing up each other.  It is not an easy job and frankly not one that I would be at all qualified for, or even want. Her fictional life makes mine own very small. 

I am a person who writes lists and makes goals. I like to check things off.  It makes me think I actually got something accomplished.  So here is my list for June.

1.  Start a water aerobics class at the Senior Center.  (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)  I already got a swimsuit so now it's just a matter of getting myself in the car and over to the class.

2.  Start walking with Leslie....in my living room on the CD.  My aerobic capacity is really bad.  I can start walking with the exercise tape for 1 mile and gradually increase up to 3 miles.

3.  Read my Bible and Scripture write every morning before picking up my phone.

4.  Continue my Tuesday evening Bible Study with the Grandview ladies.

5.  Start faithfully attending the Wednesday morning Bible study at the Senior Center and then go work out in their gym afterward.

6.  Write personal notes, cards, and encouraging text, or emails to family, sick, those in nursing homes, youth at church, family members. 

7.  Call my mom once a day.

8.  Get serious about losing weight through fasting, prayer, and being more productive with my time so I don't turn to food out of boredom.

9.  Blog about something every day. Catch up on the grandchildren's blogs.  Write about things I did as a child or things their parents did.

10.  Plan an adventure weekly and actually follow through.

11.  Practice silence and solitude.

12.  Have a weekly date.

13. Start a bullet journal to measure my progress.

I am really looking forward to having all the family together in July.  So here's to an active summer and new experience.

Prayer:  Oh Lord, you know my weakness, shortcomings, and history of failures.  You know I can do none of these things on my own.  So I place them in your hands, along with my desire and hunger to please you.  Help me become a God pleaser instead of a people pleaser.  Keep me aware of your presence, tune my heart, ears, heart to respond to your leading.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

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