Sunday, May 07, 2017

Cats and kind hearted boys.

This is our cat J.J.  He is an orange tabby cat also known as a Ginger Cat or Marmalade.  He is quite the talker and cuddler.  Mr. Wonderful read an article that said on the average cats only speak about words 6 times a day. Obviously no told JJ about that.   He has whole conversations with Mr. Wonderful. Here is a typical conversation:

Mr. W :  Good Morning JJ.  How'd you sleep?
JJ:  Meow
Mr.W. :  If you are hungry meow.
JJ:  Meow
Mr. W:  If you are really hungry meow again.
JJ:  Meow
Mr.W: Don't be so impatient . I'm going as fast as I can.
JJ:  Meow.
Mr. W. :  Hey watch the attitude young man.

If four year old grandson Henry is here visiting.  He will ask Poppa what JJ is saying in tabby. Apparently that one word is very versatile and has lots of meanings.  But then I'm not nearly as versed in tabby as Poppa.

Poppa interprets and Henry always says to me,  "You know Poppa, is really, really smart."  I always agree that "yes, Poppa is really very smart."  Because Henry has such a kind heart he will give me a big hug and say,  "  That's alright Diva, you are a little bit smart and you are really very pretty."  That's my boy...always add "I love you and you are very pretty" is honey to my heart.

According to an article I read, "80% of orange tabby cats are male".  Their coats come in 4 different patterns. The mackerel pattern is what everyone knows as the traditional orange tabby, but there are also cats in a classic pattern, a ticked pattern and a striped pattern. Tabby cats are not a breed themselves; in fact, tabby just refers to the coat markings. But orange tabby cats are genetically possible in many different established breeds such as Maine Coons, Persians, American bobtails and British Shorthairs. Lastly, Winston Churchill owned an orange tabby named Tango.

JJ is 13 years old and an indoor cat.  He likes to think he can still break out and make a run for the hills but I think the deer, and racoons would scare him to death.  JJ thinks he is a don't tell him that he isn't,  he would be depressed.  He likes to take naps with Mr. Wonderful or he will cuddle up with me in the recliner.  I especially like cuddling with the cat during winter months since he is always nice and warm.

We have a cat door that leads to the basement where the cats sleep.  Mr. Wonderful can latch the door at night so the cats don't decide at 2 am to recreate" W W Smack Down" in the middle of the living room or walk on faces to wake us up in the morning.  JJ has developed the habit of standing on his back legs on the stairs and boxing the cat door to try to make it open.  He looks like a boxer hitting the punching bag.

Got to love our crazy ginger cat.
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