Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas with Oscar and Emma

Our very active grands received tunnels and tents from us this Christmas. Oscar seems to get the hang of it right away. He always had the biggest grin whenever he surfaced from one end of the tunnel. Of course he was rewarded for his actions by a very animated Poppa . It was hard to imagine who had more fun....Oz or Poppa.

We got to watch Emma open her tent and connecting tunnel via Skype a few days after Christmas. She really enjoyed the opening gifts part of Christmas and according to her Momma thought getting a gift from Diva and Poppa every day (on her Advent Calendar)was something she really enjoyed. She really liked the Hello Kitty Blink!

Poppa and Diva definitely had some quality time with Oz. This was such a sweet time watching Mr. Wonderful and Oscar playing dinosaur. They were both growling and looking fierce . They were putting together a dinosaur puzzle. (Rather Poppa was and Oz was taking the pieces out as quickly as Poppa put them in.)

Little ones certainly make for a fun Christmas. I've put away the Christmas ornaments till next year. Hope you had a wonderful time with friends and family.


Melli said...

LOL! Did you FORGET to post this one? I know it wasn't here when I was here earlier...

Those babes are just too cute for their own good! They sure do grow fast! I'm gettin' used to it with Emma... but Oz should not be doing puzzles and playing dinosaurs yet! He was JUST BORN! LOL! *sigh*... can't they EVER stay babies...

I'm so glad you guys got to at least spend time with one of them!

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