Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ten on Tuesday...10 Guilty Pleasures on TV

10 guilty pleasures I watch on TV

1. Project Runway.....I enjoy the outrageous designers and the challenges they give them.

2. Top Chief..... I love cooking shows and again it's the outrageous contestants and challenges.

3. Chopped.....a food show where contestants are given a basket of ingredients and must come up with an appetizer, main dish, and dessert.

4. The Amazing Race.....challenges, travel, and foreign countries, what could be better?

5. The Next Network Food Star.....cooking show, contestants, challenges (big surprise huh?)

6. The Next Design Star......are you seeing a pattern here?

7. Bones.....I like the way they are able to solve crimes through forensic evidence and I like the
chemistry between handsome FBI agent Seely and forensic anthropologist Bones.

8. Designed to Sell.....staging homes in order to sell them.

9. Grey's Anatomy....medical soap opera on prime time which has me totally addicted.

10. Biggest Loser.....weight loss contest, great tips and great transformations.


Melli said...

I think I've seen chopped while I was gettin' my nails done a time or two. And there's another one about makin' cakes or desserts or something... I like that one too! (while I'm gettin' my nails did!)

PEA said...

I've never watched any of these shows! lol Actually I hardly ever have the tv on anymore, unless it's to watch a movie and even then it's usually a dvd I rented. xoxo

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