Monday, February 09, 2009

Girls in white dresses....Monday Memories

I love pictures and especially ones of my grandchildren. This picture is our divine Miss Em in a white flower girl dress. Emma loves comfort clothes like her Diva, but occasionally enjoys dressing up. This dress weighs almost as much as she does and she wasn't very happy when her mom dressed her up.

Now I ask this a happy face?

Becky works with the Girl Guides in Canada and co-leads a group of "Sparks" which are girls that are about 6 years old. Emma loves to go with mom to the Sparks meetings and the girls have adopted her as the troop mascot.

This is a happier Emma "Twirling" around the floor in her long white dress with the Sparks. I love this picture because it reminds me of my childhood. (Yes, Emma your "Dita" was once a little girl who loved to twirl in front of the mirror and watch my full skirt swing.)

Becky's co-leader Adriane , rents out flower girl dresses and brought the dresses to a meeting so the girls could wear them . Isn't it amazing that girls like to dress in white dresses and dance and twirl around the floor. It seems to be something instinctive with girls (even little ones) . Emma seems to be holding her own on the dance floor.

When I was in grade school full skirts with lots of petticoats (or can-cans) were popular. The fuller the skirt the more can-cans you wore. I liked the swishing sounds it made made when I walked and twirling in front of the bathroom mirror at school was almost irresistible . It made me laugh to think that girls are girls no matter what their age and still enjoy the simple things in life.

Don't you just love the tights under the dress? Who knows....flash forward twenty years and this could well be the same little girl in a long white dress only with a veil and a groom
waiting for her to waltz down the isle.


Melli said...

Oh that is DARLING! They are ALL darling! Goodness ME, but Luz would be in 7th Heaven at that shindig! Luz is NOT happy in "comfy" clothes. Luz is ONLY happy when she is dressed up in BEAUUUUUTIFUL dresses! The fancier, the BETTER! She SO needs to be SOMEbody's flower girl! I'm glad Miss Emma had this opportunity! I hope she has it AGAIN in another year or two!

Amber Star said...

She is so adorable in that white dress and when I got to the one with the that time I thought was one of the sweetest pictures I've ever seen.

Girly girls are are not so frilly ones, but the dresses are fun, and I think they are fun for the tomboys, too. Even if they say they don't like it.

Thanks for praying me up...I need all I can get and maybe it was actually God who got me mad enough to finally say something about the brush clearing. :)

mompoet said...

I do love those tights. Your post brought back memories, Daisy! Thank goodness for girls in white dresses.

Jane said...

How precious!! And I do love the 'rainbow' tights with the white dress, quite the fashion statement.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

AND I can tell you that those 20 years will go by so quickly..Our Brie will be 20 this year!! Gosh..she was just a little one just like Emma!! I have a picture of her if I can find it in a bride gown about this age..It is so sweet!!
Emma looks like she is HOLDING her own with the big girls..I really love those tights..but i suppose it is pretty cold up there too.
Thanks for posting this..i loved my can cans...My joy and Mother's horror..

PEA said...

So very precious! She looks like a little doll and how adorable to see all these little girls dressed up in these flower girl dresses. You're right, I think it's a girl's automatic reaction to want to twirl and dance when wearing such a dress! hehe Gotta love her tights too! lol xoxo

YellowRose said...

She is adorable and I love the rainbow tights under the frilly dress! Shows her personality!

Too cute!

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