Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Seven...Filling Experiences

Filling Experiences

1. We are just finished our fourth container for Ethiopia. This past weekend we have been loading bed springs, and bunk bed ends for 440 beds. We also loaded very heavy library shelving as well as wardrobes and solid core doors. All of these supplies are going to Adis Abba for new dorms that are being built in the Mennonite Bible College.

2. We were thrilled to have a group from Savannah Christian Church come and volunteer to help with the physical loading and preparing items for shipment. Most of them are about the same ages of our kids so it felt like having extended family here. Here they are posing with the Missionary Karl Hansen after completing the load.

3. The weekend was filled with hard work but also fun times too. Earl is showing us that this container has everything including "the kitchen sink" not to mention 21 toilet seats, lighting fixtures, mirrors and a lawn mower.

4. Our outing to the Blue Nile for Ethiopian Cuisine was a big hit. The food is served on one big platter and you eat it with your hands. You use a thin piece of bread (like a thin pancake) called Injera to pick up the morsels. We ate lots of unpronounceable items but it was good and so much fun. The group really enjoyed this unique experience.

5. Karl and Vera Hanson are definitely "hands on" missionaries. They worked right along with us loading items or taking bigger items apart to conserve space. It cost about 15,000 dollars to do a container and will take about a month to get into Africa. It can take as long as four month to get it cleared from customs though. Interacting with the missionary really helped the group feel closely unite with the project.

6. Praying over the finished container was a highlight too. What a privilege to send it on it's way, trusting the Lord for it's safe arrival and for the excitement of the students when they help unload this container.

7. My weekend was filled with all kinds of experiences. Some very physical and exhausting, some fun, and adventuresome, some heartfelt and emotional. Saying goodbye to friends is never easy either so this afternoon will be filled with rest. Hope you had a filling weekend too.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

It must be an accomplishment to see that all get completed i bet!! So glad that you had a good time and that food sounds interesting.New...Well hope you are having a good rest..Sandy

Jane said...

Isn't it a humbling and thrilling thing to be a part of God's work? I loved reading of your adventures getting this container ready. What a blessing.

Melli said...

Adding MY prayers for that finished container - and all who produced it and all who will benefit from it!!!

Now I have to go google Ethiopian faire in Ocean City... but I bet it's UNavailable! Sounds REALLY fun though!!! said...

I am going to add my prayers that every thing you all worked so hard on over the weekend gets to where it is suppose to in good time!! The red tape is not so terribe and everything is in safe condition and ready to use!!!

whew that was a mouthful!!!

You are a blessing to so many people Daisy! Love and hugs, Grams

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