Thursday, September 04, 2008

13 Reasons why I didn't post a T13

(Personalized by Yellow Rose just for ME!!)

13 Reasons why I didn't post a Thursday 13 Today!

1. I didn't post a T13 today because it was Melli's birthday and I thought that it must be a national holiday or something worthy of fire works and of course birthday cake! Seeing that I had no cake, no fire works and no Melli it made me rather depressed daisy :(

2. I didn't post a T13 today because I looked at my achieves and discovered that I was in Canada last year at this time with Becky, Jerry and Miss Emma eating Saskatoon Berry Pie at the Berry Barn. Melli, no Emma, no kids, no cake, no pie, no fire works (are you starting to see a pattern here?)

3. I didn't post a T13 today because Mr. Wonderful broke the tooth that had been abcessed last week and needed to go to the dentist for a temporary fix. He has an appointment later to get the permanent fix. He says I should start treating him like a king because he is sure he will be getting a crown (at least for that tooth!)

4. I didn't post a T13 today because I was buried in paper work. We had to get out a mailing of 2100 pieces. Because it was a bulk mailing there are a lot of mailing turned out to be easier than what we anticipated but I sure am tired of stuffing envelopes.

5. I didn't post a T13 today because I was wondering when my first grandson is going to make his appearance on planet earth. I want him to wait for a while and be kind to his poor mama in the mean time.

6. I didn't post a T13 today because I was busy praying for my Suzy and her doctor's appointment today. She is having some high blood pressure problems so she has been on bed rest the last two days. Her hubby told me that she will start her maternity leave today. Please keep her and our grandson in your thoughts and prayers. The momma in me wants to be in New York right now.

7. I didn't post a T13 today because I was thinking about hurricanes. We have heard that several missionary friends of ours in Haiti are stranded on rooftops with up to 12 feet of flooding. They are in driving rain with no food or help of rescue till the rain stops and boats are available. Please pray for those in harms way as these hurricanes approach .

8. I didn't post a T13 today because I was lost in thought and prayers for Boy Wonder. We've been talking a lot recently and he is definitely going through some hard changes. I see some real growth and maturity in him but changes are never easy. It definitely sounded like some home made cookies were called for.

9. I didn't post a T13 today because Iwas thinking about my momma and whether or not we should go pick her up in Virginia Beach and take her home with us because of all the hurricanes. I think she will be fine for now....we may well get flooding, power outages or tornadoes.

10. I didn't post a T13 today because I was too busy giving out sage advice at work. I felt like Lucy ....Psychiatric Help 5 Cents . I'm thinking of putting a sign on my door that says The Doctor is ....IN.

11. I didn't post a T13 today because it seemed like everyone needed to borrow my computer at work. When they weren't at my computer they were parked at my desk. I never knew I was so popular!

12. I didn't post a T13 today because I was trying to get my work done because I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow in Charlottesville. I'm worried that I will be fussed at because I haven't lost very much weight since my last appointment 6 weeks ago.

13. I didn't post a T13 today because I couldn't think of anything to say....maybe I'll think of something by next week.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Hm!! As far as having "nothing to say" I think you said a LOT!! Smile!! I loved this post!! Tell Mr. Wonderful if he thinks he is king just because of getting a tooth crowned well I am a 4 time QUEEN!! I never thought about that I can boast!! Let us know how Suzy is!! Sandy

Melli said...

So DO tell... How did you survive my birthday without me??? ROFL! I HOPE you went out and had CAKE in my honor! I had none. LOL! I was too STUFFED from the fabulous dinner I had at Uno's to even THINK about dessert of ANY kind!

You and your flock are all in my prayers! I do hope Suzi and Jellybean settle down a bit ... He'll be okay if he has to come early though - it's not the desired outcome - but it will be okay! What kinda cookies is Andy gettin' this time? I'm gonna start livin vicariously through that boy! I hope all goes well for him too. Tell Mr. Wonderful I ALWAYS thought he was Royalty! (i sure don't make liver & onions for just ANYbody!)

Melli said...

Oh yea... and ... I LOVE YOU!!!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good morning my friend, thanks for all of the updates on everyone.I hope Suzy can get her blood pressure down and I know how hard it is for you not being by her side , being the mom and nurse in you...please keep us prayers are with her and your grandson..

We will not get much rain or winds from the hurricane.. the big one named Ike will be bad where ever he makes land fall..I have not seen so many in a row...

I am glad Mr. King could save his tooth and all of us with many crowns could surround him ... give him my best...

Well, I must get dressed and off to Curves.. Love ya, Baba

Jane said...

Well, it certainly seems that you have plenty of excellent reasons for not posting a T13. I think you can consider yourself 'off the hook' for this week.
{{{{{HUGS}}}}} That's for your prayers for us. Love you MUCH! said...

That was cute! You have had a lot on your mind for sure! I will be remembering your Suzi in my prayers. Love and hugs Grams

Barbara said...

You sound busy

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