Monday, January 21, 2008

Emma's Green Egg and Ham Birthday Party

More Pictures of Emma's first birthday.

Green Eggs and Ham anyone?

Looks pretty tasty to me.

Baby Cakes.....cup cakes for little hands.

Emma really liked these and ate two!

I bet she got a sugar buzz from them.

It the cupcakes didn't do it....then I'm sure the Hat cake (4 layers) would have. According to her Mom she liked both the cake and being the center of attention.

She's a girl after my own heart.....She dives into her food and now she's just as sweet on the outside as she is in the inside (I stole that quote for Mom poet).

Nothing is wasted on this girl...obviously the cake was finger lickin good.

No first birthday is complete without reading her Mom's favorite book "Baby's Birthday". I read this book to Becky so often that I still have it memorized. (btw....that is the very book I read to her mom!)

Looks like the party was a success just by the pure look of joy on Emma's face. For more pictures click here .

Her mom just posted some videos of Emma with balloons, a giant bear, a new ride toy and opening presents. It's so cute to see her dancing in excitement....and giving the Bear an open mouth kiss.


Jane said...

I checked out the videos. They are GREAT. Emma is SO cute and watching her with the bear and the other toys was priceless!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

What a special grandbaby!! I always go and look at everything that Becky posts!! I love watching her grow. I told you that Grandbabies are just the BEST, didn't I?
Hope all is well with you guys. I am sure you are loving your new furniture. Nothing like new furniture or carpet!! WOW!! Tell mr. Wonderful HEY from us here in cold SAvannah. it was 36 this morning!!

Melli said...

Yes! I was already at Little Grrrrl's blog early this morning! I actually like the photo's though better than the videos! (i know... i'm weird!) I think I just like to study faces and such... She is SUCH a doll! And she sure DID enjoy that cake!!!

We have birthday stuff up over on my blog today too...

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

I have been sitting here and enjoying watching all of the birthday videos of Emma..She is such a ham with her dancing... love it....My daughter has 31/2 weeks before her c/s 2/15/08..My bags are packed and I am living out of my suitcases to be ready when she calls , if she goes into labor early..We can't wait to meet our new baby... girl or boy ???? Have a good day . Hugs, Baba

Jennifer said...

It looks like Miss Emma was celebrated PROPERLY!! I loved the pictures...what a beautiful little toddler y'all have!!

Wolfie said...

Emma is smiling so happily..I think she had a great time...!!

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