Monday, November 16, 2009

Remember the Sweet Things

"For twenty years, Ellen Greene kept a running list of the thoughtful, funny, touching things that her husband, Marsh, said and did. She wrote them down secretly, then shared those thoughts with him every Valentine's Day when he would find pages from her "Sweet Things List" tucked inside a card."

I just finished reading this book and it reminded me to start remembering the sweet things and write them down. We are good about remembering outrageously funny moments or moments of great distress but not so good remembering the little things or moments that catch our mate in his best light. So here is a 10 things I've jotted down about my Mr. Wonderful.

......he always gets up an hour before I do and turns up the heat and starts the coffee so I wake up to a toasty warm cottage and a hot cup of coffee.

......he makes sure we have a good supply of wood for our outdoor heater and goes out twice a day to feed the furnace. He never complains about me turning up the thermostat since he knows I'm cold natured.

.....he gets so excited when he buys something for me he knows I'll like. He can't wait to give it to me and usually does before the actual event.

........he lets me snuggle up next to him when I get into bed and lets me put my cold feet on his warm body.

........he's an ole softy when it comes to our grands, either one can wrap him around their little pinkie.

.......when reading a story about a teenage daughter that needed a heart transplant and received her Dad's heart after he died in an automobile crash Mr. Wonderful said thoughtfully, "I'd do that for our kids." Then a moment later added drolly "Well, at least one of them."

......he goes with me to visit my eighty year old mother in Virginia Beach and repairs, fixes, resets, assembles, glues, mow, racks, and encourages her as if she were his own mom.

......he prays with me on a daily basis .

......he loves to tell me how he repaired items and uses all the technical terms "as if" I really would understand how he did it.

.......he lets me watch Top Chef, Project Runway, The Amazing Race, and Survivor even though he rolls his eyes and shakes his head when I do.


Melli said...

Not a word about chocolate in here! But I love that idea... and I love your Mr. Wonderful! And I especially LOVE that he rolls his eyes when you watch those shows!

Thanks for the phone call Babe! I love you!

Susan said...

He's a fantastic Mr. Wonderful that's for sure.


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