Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend Wrap up!

Weekend Wrap - Up or
(Your Mother knows what you've been up to!)

It's been a busy week here in Virginia. Mr. Wonderful and I are getting ready to hit the road again this coming Friday. We will be going to New York to visit with Suzy, Tim, Andy and go shopping for Jellybean's arrival.

We planted a Bloodgood Japanese Maple tree in our front yard. One of our Dogwood trees died so we replaced it with this colorful Maple. I love the splash of color it gives to the yard. Whatever we plan on planting this spring has to been done this week as we will be traveling the next two weeks.

I'm packing away our winter clothing. My winter clothes are too big now as I've lost two dress sizes. It's a nice problem to have. So they are all boxed up ready to take to the mission. I'm going through the attic trying on skinny clothes and deciding do I really like this? Some of those clothes that I saved till I got skinny aren't as cute as I thought they would be.

Good News, Bad News....Emma had the 3 day flu and passed it on to her mom and dad. She is getting into everything ( so you know my baby is better!) Suzy Q ended up with a bad head cold and so congested she could barely breath. Her OB told her she could take plain Sudafed which helped her considerably. I told her she has to be all better so we can do some marathon baby shopping this weekend.

Wednesday is the day we may be able to know "what flavor" our jellybean will be...passionate pink or blissful blue. Either way this Diva will be glad to see a picture of our baby. Emma was a very modest baby so we couldn't tell...hopefully Jellybean will be a little more cooperative.

New York this week, Savannah the following week and my Canadians arrive shortly after we get home. Can life get any better than this?


PEA said...

You certainly have some fun times to look forward to:-) I can just imagine how exciting it will be to shop for the new baby to be!! I can't wait until I can start some shopping as well...they told me to wait, though, until they find out the sex of the baby and then I can go shopping to my heart's delight! hehe xox

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I must say that I ENVY you for getting to GO PLACES!! I have always wanted to go to New York. Course you are like us..wherever your kids are then you get to go there!! RIGHT? I am hoping that Jon gets that position in Ohio since I have never really been in Ohio to look around that is. He is just is a waiting game right now.
I am so hoping that Jellybean will be a boy!! What a blessing no matter what the sex..

Melli said...

I've always wanted one of those trees! One of these days I'll get one! You certainly DO have busy, fun, active times coming up -- and WHOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO on the dress sizes!!! YAY! I bet you are feeling more comfortable! :)

LadyBugCrossing said...

Fun times ahead!!

Give Suzy a big hug for me, k?


Jane said...

Good times ahead!!! I know you are excited about it.
I have posted some pictures from hubby's birthday over at my place, come see.
Congratulations on losing two sizes!! That's wonderful
Love you.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Wow.. when you come to Savannah, we might not know that skinny person.. great job ... keep it up.I would love to visit Boston and New York some day.Your Emma has been sick and my Emma has been sick.She will have her tonsils taken out this summer.. I will be back there to help..I hate for her to go through this pain..Have a good travel and will see you later.
Hugs, Baba

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