Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Count down to Virginia touchdown

The Cats are all looking out the window and waiting for the Divine Miss "Em". They had better get their rest in now. I'm sure she will find them fascinating and will want to play chase. JJ will be a nervous wreck for the next three weeks . Lucy is a little braver. They may want to retreat to the basement or attic till they get used to having a little person in the house.

Pop pop spent some time putting the little red wagon together for his girl and bringing down the high chair, changing table, baby bed, Emma chair, and assorted toys. The wagon has a back and also a safety belt! He still needs to hang the baby swing. We've heard from reliable sources that our girl is a real swinger.

This Diva is prepared to be on the run for the next few weeks. Miss Emma is a free spirit and likes the wide open spaces. Fortunately we have a big back yard for her to explore and plenty of time to make discoveries.

These anxious grandparents are all set to have big goofy smiles for the next three weeks. We leave this afternoon about 2 o'clock to pick up our Canadians in Richmond about 5 p.m. First stop after the baggage claim?.....why Chick-fil-a, of course! Stay tuned for the adventures of Diva and Em. Keep us in your prayers as we travel.


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Oh.. my..I am so excited for you to have Emma at your house soon.. I go to my Emma's house on Friday for the christening of Olivia and also Emma's dance recital..We will both be in our best elements..Give all a hug from Baba.. talk later, love ya, Baba

Talk..to..Grams said...

Enjoy!!! Love and hugs Grams

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I hope that you have got some rest because you are going to be needing it. little ones are hard to keep up with but oh the FUN!! i am so happy for you. Don't forget to go to my blog and see our meeting last night with friends from Ga and from WAles, England. It was great. Sandy

Susan said...

Three weeks??? That's wonderful!! I hope you all have a wonderful time. She's a blessed little girl to have these preparations made just for her.



Carolyn said...

Oh Daisy, you are going to have so much fun. I got to spend the weekend with my youngun's ... Alex (18 months), Liam (8), Jay (9) and Betsy (13). Of course, Alex was the fun-est. He is learning sign language in day care (no hearing problems, just something they are teaching them, so Becky works with him as well). It is so cute to see him do it, and he is so smart:)

Reminder: the day-to-day entries can be found at "A Second Look" - What you have linked in the blogroll is basically a book blog now. I still post there alot, but just not the "everyday stuff" :):)

Have a fun 3 weeks!

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