Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Memories....Strawberry Fields Forever!

I drove by the Strawberry Fields today and saw lots of little white blossoms on the plants that one day soon will be red delicious strawberries. There is something wonderful about eating field ripen strawberries , is there anything sweeter?

Our Canadians enjoy coming to see us during berry picking time. We tease our daughter and tell her she must have been a migrant worker in another life. She can certainly pick a lot of berries in a very short time. Not to mention that she makes wonderful short cakes, muffins, and pies. Excuse me while I drool!

When Boy Wonder was 4 he and I went with a friend to pick strawberries from the field. They weighed the containers before you went out in the field and then weighed them after you finished picking. They should have weighed Andy before and after too. I do believe he ate more than he picked. By the time we checked out he had ruby red lips and red stains all down his shirt.

The farmer looked sternly over at him and asked him directly, "Son, did you eat any of my strawberries?"

Andy suddenly got very scared and became shy and guilty looking but looked up at the farmer and shook his head while saying, "No Sir!"

The farmer looked at his red stained hands and winked at him and said with a smile...."Looks like you've been caught red-handed to me! Say, how old are you any way?" He asked.

Looking miserable at having been caught in a lie, Andy held up 4 fingers and grabbed my leg to hide behind me.

"Well, "said the farmer, " Too bad you didn't eat any of my berries, because I always let 4 year old boys eat all the berries they want." " Here" he said, handing Andy a huge ripe strawberry "Try this one."

Moral of the story: Always tell the truth, especially when you are caught with red hands, red lips and strawberry stains down your shirt.


Melli said...

ROFL! That Andy... he is just toooooo cute! Even still! But certainly waaaaaaaaaay back then! Great memory, my friend!

mompoet said...

I can just picture poor Andy! That is a funny and sweet story Daisy.

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